Vaughn Davis' top 5 music streaming services

  • 11/08/2016
Vaughn Davis' top 5 music streaming services

Vaughn Davis' top 5 music streaming services

There are so many music streaming services out there, so which ones rock, and which ones strike a bum note?

Vaughn Davis shared his top five music streaming services of choice:

5. YouTube Music App - we all use the YouTube website to play music and this app does exactly that. It uses all the music clips already on YouTube and provides an interface to play them on. It's big on 'discovery' too. Cost: Free or $15.99/month without ads.

4. Apple Music - huge and capable and should be dominating this market but they moved too late from their purchase model. Cost: $12.99/month or $19.99/month for a family.

3. Soundcloud - the place to discover unsigned artists.  Anyone can upload a track so it is great for hearing that band no one else has. Cost: Free.

2. Tidal - is here as the only "lossless" streaming system. It's the brainchild of Jay‐Z & friends. It has uncompressed tracks so exactly like a CD. Tidal is the best choice for music purists.  Cost: Lo-fi version $17.99/month, Hi-fi $35.99/month.

1st equal - Pandora / Spotify

Pandora has been around longer than Facebook. It plays "stations" based on an artist or song you select, matched to others by humans via the "music genome project". Cost: Free with ads or $6.50/month. Vaughn says it's great for discovery.

Spotify is newer but available in more markets. It allows playlists to be stored on mobile offline so good for travelling etc. Cost: $12.99/month or $19.99/month family.

Vaughn also says you should consider an Internet Radio - it looks old-fashioned but this box connects to your wifi and then you have 16,000 actual radio stations worldwide, free.

It's also great if you have poor reception at home.