Samoan Kiwi plans surprise proposal at Auckland Airport

Samoan Kiwi plans surprise proposal at Auckland Airport

While many of us were sleeping, one south Auckland chef was busy preparing a very public proposal at Auckland Airport.

Fou Fale and his wife Katerena Fale married seven years ago at a registry when she was three months pregnant, but he never had the chance to propose properly.

But seven years and three children later, Mr Fale decided it was time to ask the question - and he decided to go all-out.

"I was beyond nervous. I was shaking. My daughter kept telling me to just breathe."

A flight attendant for Virgin, Ms Fale had no idea what was waiting for her at arrivals after a late shift, and didn't know her colleagues were also in on the plan.

"I walked out and saw my brother-in-law and the singing group and I just froze. I just started crying my eyes out and thought, what the hell is happening?"

Mr Fale almost had to resort to Plan B after airport security discovered he didn't have permits to film at the airport.

"I said, 'I'm actually planning to propose to my wife,' and she said, 'Oh my God, that's fine. Who am I to stop love?'" laughs Mr Fale.

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