UK to pardon convicted gay men - so when will NZ?

  • 25/10/2016
Alan Turing (Getty)
Alan Turing (Getty)

By Megan Sutherland

Britain has announced it will pardon gay and bisexual men convicted of sexual offences under laws that have now been abolished.

Dubbed the 'Turing Law' after gay World War II codebreaker Alan Turing, the pardons apply to offenses that are no longer crimes, such as consensual sex. 

Officials say some men could even be granted compensation.

So what's been happening back here?

This year marked the 30th anniversary since New Zealand passed the Homosexual Law Reform Act of 1986, and in 2013 we led the way being one of the first countries to legalise same sex marriage.

The campaign to pardon gay men in Aotearoa started in 2014, and the petition now has more than 2000 signatures.

The petition now awaits consideration by a select committee.