Kiwi couple train 'differently-abled' as baristas

Going for a job is a competitive process for most, but spare a thought for those who are differently-abled. They may be deaf, physically disabled or suffer from a neurological disorder.

Claire Matheson and her partner Dan have a son with autism and it inspired them to set up a barista training course and get it off the ground.

They have been training people up as baristas and working with employers to make sure they receive a good job at the end of it.

Seeing the world through their son's lens, they could see there would be barriers for him in the future.

"I just wanted to think that society was inclusive and everyone would have an opportunity to work if they wanted to," says Ms Matheson.

The Ministry of Social Development is funding the individuals and that supports the school. There have been 80 students through Coffee Educators this year.

The couple believe different backgrounds and abilities should play no part in a café experience and it should be about good coffee and good food.

For the students, they're learning to make coffee, but it's also building their confidence and  giving them a chance at full-time employment.

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