Woman in viral synthetic drug video speaks out

  • 02/04/2017

The woman at the centre of a viral video which depicts her in a drug-induced stupor says the story of her path to addiction and crime proves it can happen to anyone.

Ngaetu Grover, 22, says she was in shock when she saw herself in a zombie-like state after taking synthetic drugs.

"I didn't think I was like that - I was scared," she told Three's The Hui. "That's how I get and that's what I'm like. I didn't know that was the effects I was getting."

Tuakeu Grover, Ngaetu's younger brother, uploaded the video to raise awareness of the effects of synthetic drugs, and help his sister realise how bad her addiction had become.

He had no idea the video, posted on Facebook, would get close to 3 million views in 10 days and reach audiences worldwide.

The siblings say they come from a supportive whānau and their upbringing was full of love.

Ngaetu says she never thought she would end up doing drugs, let alone synthetics. She says her marijuana experimentation, which started when she was 14 years old, escalated to synthetics after she became a mother at 16.

Initially she did it to escape the responsibilities of parenthood, but has been in what she calls "lala land" for the last three years, doing anything in her power to get high.

And it's landed her in trouble with the law. This week she appeared in Waitakere District Court, charged with theft. She says she did it to pay for her habit.

"You'll do anything and everything in your power just to get another bag, another high. I didn't think I'd get to that point - doing bad things, begging for change."

Hemi Grover, Ngaetu's father, is proud of his son Tuakeu for posting the video and says it's the breakthrough they needed to get her on the path to recovery.

The Grover family told The Hui that they want people to know that addiction can affect anyone - even people with a loving, supportive whānau.

Ngaetu is grateful for the support she has received and is on the waiting list to attend a residential rehab programme.

The Hui / Newshub.