Trans-Tasman Resources wants to mine seabed in rare blue whale territory

  • 28/05/2017

Tai Hauāuru iwi Ngā Rauru is battling a proposal to mine its seabed, currently in front of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

The people of Ngā Rauru, whose mana whenua spans from the Patea River to Whanganui, say if the proposal gets the okay from the EPA, it will have a detrimental impact on their way of life.

Mahalia Tapa-Mosen of Ngā Rauru told Three's The Hui, "It's evident that people are stressing out about it. People are really concerned about what's going to happen in our rohe and what's going to happen to the kaimoana."

The marine area between Taranaki and Whanganui is where mining company Trans-Tasman Resources (TTR) is again proposing to mine the seabed for ore.

Rare blue whales also frequent the proposed mining area, and marine biologist Dr Andrew Wright says the noise generated by the vessels may cause stress on sea mammals, making them reproduce less often.

Ngā Rauru, who have lived off the sea for generations, hope this second proposal from TTR will be declined as well, to ensure a healthy future for their descendants.

The EPA will decide on the matter by the end of June.

Watch the video for the full report from The Hui.