Man conquers his decade-long meth addiction

Watch the video above for the full story of how Nathan Rakuraku kicked P and got his life back on track.

Twenty-eight-year-old Nathan Rakuraku had been an addict for more than half his life, but a year ago he broke free.

"I can't explain being clean, I can only explain how I feel and what it does when stop, when you truly, in your heart, your mind, your soul, let go of the drug - it's something uplifts from you, you stand straight, you can look people in the eye."

It's an astonishing achievement for Mr Rakuraku to be drug-free. He started smoking cannabis when he was just seven, and as a teenager progressed to P.

Having never been a religious person Mr Rakuraku had what he describes as a spiritual experience and found God. He says instantly the darkness around him became brighter. He put down the P pipe and hasn't picked it up since.

Seeing Mr Rakuraku's transformation was enough for his partner Ayla to share his faith. Without any rehab or specialised treatment programme, Mr Rakuraku and Ayla simply gave up.

Neither say they could have done it without the other. Even after a year free of the drug, they still text or talk to each other every hour.

"It's a safety, that's the safety net that we put under us, it's also like a coping mechanism, it's a tool that we use to be successful in the, in the sense of staying uh, removing methamphetamine from our lives," says Mr Rakuraku.

"The benefits that we see from doing this, is what keeps us going, so, so yeah we just, we try hard at that" "yeah it's a job, it's a every day job".

An every day job that's paying off. After conquering his addiction, Mr Rakuraku began volunteering at the Salvation Army. The Sallies were so impressed with his work ethic they offered him a full-time position. Now Mr Rakuraku is fronting a campaign for the organisation in the hope of helping others.

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