'Get up off your asses and take care of yourselves' - Shane Jones

  • 02/07/2017

Shane Jones has launched his candidacy with a hiss and a roar.

The NZ First Whangarei candidate said while he is more than happy to help anyone deserving who finds themselves in 'Strugglers Gully', he told Three's The Hui that "every individual and whānau should do what our parents do - get up off your asses and take care of yourselves as well".

Mr Jones has also taken aim at his former party and the Government which appointed him Ambassador for Pacific Development.

When asked which of the two main parties he would support a coalition deal with, Mr Jones said that despite still having friends in the party, Labour "no longer know what they stand for". He described National as "the party of corporate clover", calling their recent budget "bread and circus".

Mr Jones formalised his long-rumoured candidacy on Friday amid reports of grumblings within the party. Mr Jones was quick to dispel any talk of a rift between him and long serving MP Ron Mark, saying Mr Mark had been in contact and they both agree, "one thing is fatal and that's wehewehe - disunity".

When asked about which kaupapa Māori initiatives he supports, he rejected the idea of Māori prisons, saying he's "not interested".

On the issue of the controversial Ngāpuhi iwi settlement, Mr Jones - who is backing Tuhoronuku - said, "sovereignty is the last thing on my mind for Māori development".

Watch the video for the full interview.