Labour will move to entrench Māori seats

  • 06/08/2017

Watch the video above for the full interview with Jacinda Ardern and Kelvin Davis on The Hui.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern and deputy leader Kelvin Davis say they support the entrenchment of the seven Māori seats.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has called for a referendum on whether or not to keep the Māori seats. But the new Labour leadership line up want the seats to stay.

Ms Ardern and Mr Davis told Three's The Hui it would take 75 percent support to entrench the Māori seats, and they have already drafted a Private Member's bill to embed them.

Mr Davis became Labour's first Māori deputy leader in its 101-year history, Ms Ardern agrees it's been a long wait for Māori.

When asked what would happen to the Māori Party's controversial Maori land reform Bill, Davis said it will be "gone before lunch time".

Ms Ardern also said that an inquiry into the historical abuse of former wards of the state Ngā Mōrehu would be a priority.

The Hui