'Let's not celebrate too much' about poll surge - ex-Labour member

  • 20/08/2017

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With the Labour Party surging to 37 percent in the latest Colmar Brunton poll, lefties are licking their lips at the thought of a possible change of Government.

However former Labour Party member and political commentator Shane Te Pou says Labour is where they should be at.

"This is the third term, end of the third term of a bad Government. Labour should be where it's at today."

That said, Mr Te Pou told Three's The Hui he's change is coming.

"I'm picking a New Zealand First-Labour Government."

Labour's rise has come at the expense of the Greens, who've slumped to just 4 percent in one poll.

Indigenous advocate Dayle Takitimu blames their dive in the polls on ill-equipped Green Party strategists, saying they should have been better prepared for the way the story was driven by the media which "was completely predictable" - now the party has been left rudderless.   

"I think the issue is there became a 'Metiria-isation', and it became about brand Meteria instead of Greens. And now that she's left, a challenge for the Greens is to resurrect their brand and own it in a way that New Zealanders, Māori, whoever know what they stand for without Metiria at the helm."

Mr Te Pou had this to say about the Green party's demise: "I think the Greens' biggest problem is they are no longer a Green Party - they are sort of like an old Alliance party."

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