Social Snapshot: Pauline Hanson, Google Docs and HBO hack

Pauline Hanson has defended her latest stunt in the Australian Senate, saying she "opened up debate".

The Australian One Nation Party leader walked into parliament wearing a burqa. 

Ms Hanson says she had the idea for months and wanted her fellow politicians to take the "issue" of rising Islam seriously. 

Many condemned her actions, including Attorney-Genery George Brandis, who was quick to call out Ms Hanson's stunt as "appalling".  

Mr Brandis received a standing ovation from the house. 

What did you make of the stunt? Was it appropriate? 

Meanwhile, Google Docs has joined the fight against Confederate statues around the US; and way to kick HBO while they're down - the media company's social media accounts were hacked overnight. 

Social media presenter Aziz Al-Sa'afin looks at the biggest trends of the day.    

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