Theatre-loving teen Gabriel Wharehinga loses cancer battle

  • 13/08/2017

Earlier this year, The Hui brought you the story of Gabriel Wharehinga - 19-year-old aspiring teacher and actor, who was suffering from a form of bone cancer called Ewing's sarcoma.

His cancer was misdiagnosed, meaning the treatment he urgently needed was delayed. But Gabriel, who managed to fight his cancer, late last year had a relapse - and again his diagnosis and treatment were delayed.

Sadly, Gabriel died peacefully on Monday, surrounded by whanau.

According to his death notice, he was: "Dearly beloved son of Dennis and Eunice, cherished brother to Sabian, Brodie and Lance. Adored moko to Yvonne and the late Koko bubs, Papa Jo the late Kui Pearl and late Koro Don. Precious taonga to his aunties, uncles, cousins and friends."

He loved the theatre, especially Shakespeare. When The Hui reporter Raiha Paki first met Gabriel, he told her he dreamed of seeing Othello at the Pop-Up Globe in Auckland.

Here's her report, which aired in April.

Watch the video.