Mothers' grief after sons die in the forest

  • 23/09/2017

Vincent Taurima and Hakopa Ngaronoa made a fatal decision to run into the unforgiving Kaimanawa Forest a month ago. It's a decision that has left their mothers hearbroken.

Maraea Ngaronoa, Hakoa's Mum told Three's The Hui, "I don't think the boys were thinking at all."

She described her boy as being a "beautiful boy" who loved his whānau.

The two men were travelling from Palmerston North to Tūrangi to visit Vincent's baby when they were pursued by Police on the Desert Road. Their abandoned car was later found down Tree Trunk Gorge Road with footsteps leading into the bush.

What followed was an intense search involving police, hundreds of volunteers and an upset whānau desperately waiting for their loved ones' return.

The Hui reporter Raiha Paki caught up with the mothers of the two men from day 21 of the search. The agony of waiting in the unknown was plain to see.

The bodies of the two men were found four weeks to the day that they went missing.

Although devastated, the families are focusing on healing from the loss and honouring their sons.

Watch the video for the full report from The Hui.