'Could you please stop flirting?' - Collins', Twyford's amorous AM Show appearance

  • 01/12/2017

Labour's housing and transport minister Phil Twyford has shared a flirtatious moment with National MP Judith Collins on The AM Show on Friday morning.

After introductions, host Duncan Garner received a cheery 'good morning' from Ms Collins and a 'morena' from Mr Twyford.

"Oh, you're fabulous," Ms Collins said after hearing Mr Twyford's response, presumably in reaction to the Te Reo employed in his greeting. "I'm the only one who says that though."

The response drew a thank you from Mr Twyford, who urged her to "keep it up" with the complimentary responses.

"Could you please stop flirting?" host Duncan Garner said, clearly confused by the pair's pleasantries. The question drew a roar of laughter from Ms Collins.

It's not the first time two rival politicians have got flirtatious on The AM Show.

Two months ago, National and Labour deputy leaders Paula Bennett and Kelvin Davis shared compliments on one another's looks and personalities.