Duncan Garner earns free car wash with Don Brash takedown

  • 28/11/2017

The AM Show host Duncan Garner has won himself a year's worth of free car washes after slamming ex-National Party leader Don Brash live on air.

Mr Brash has courted controversy in recent days, after saying he's "utterly sick" of people using Te Reo in English language broadcasts, and labelling the use of Māori words on police cars "virtue signalling".

Garner, whose family has a strong Māori heritage, was sent some mail from a fan of the show who expressed disgust at Mr Brash's position - and urged him to call the former politician out.

"Jesse Sorensen has come at me and said, 'Duncan, what do you think of all this?' I know your wife is Maori and your children are, [so] how do you feel about Brash attacking and mocking the Māori culture every time he gets a chance?'" Garner explained.

"I got back to Jesse and said, 'Brash is from a generation past, and no one takes him seriously'."

Garner then revealed that Mr Sorensen had offered to wash his car for him for the next year if he said that to Mr Brash during a live broadcast - an offer Garner proved more than willing to take up.

"Don, I think you're a generation past, and quite frankly, no one takes you seriously," he said, looking directly down the barrel of the camera.

"Jesse, could you be in touch with me? I'll give you my address. My car usually requires to be washed every fortnight."