Morrocco Tai's death a warning to others

In a few short weeks, Morrocco Tai made news headlines for being a passenger in a dangerous joyride, and then for stealing a car and being pursued by police in a short chase that would ultimately end his young life.

But this boy is very different to the one his whanau knew - a bubbly, respectful kid who enjoyed the simple things in life.

Morrocco's Aunt Kelly Ngaruhe Rogers wants people to know the boy she knew as she struggles to make sense of his death, and tries to work out where it all went so tragically wrong.

"We all knew him as 'Sunshine', he brightened our whole family up," she told Three's The Hui.

She wants Morrocco's story out there as a warning to rangatahi who are heading down a similar path.

Watch the video for the full report from The Hui.