Judith Collins' very handy Secret Santa gift for Phil Twyford

  • 08/12/2017

National MP Judith Collins has put her rivalry with Labour's Phil Twyford aside, offering him a gift that may come in handy in his role as Housing Minister.

The pair appeared on The AM Show on Friday morning and as it's Ms Collins' final show before Christmas, she brought gifts for the presenters, crew and Mr Twyford.

"Phil, I've got something for you to help you with your housing," she said, reaching below the desk to fish it out.

"Is this Secret Santa?" Mr Twyford asked.

"I don't do anything secret. I have got you your own little belt bag, and your own little set of tools," she said, showing off the present.

"You might have to breathe in [to fit it around your waist]."

The present was a dig at Mr Twyford, who has championed Labour's KiwiBuild programme since its conception - promising to build 100,000 affordable homes within the next decade.

Ms Collins clearly thought he might need to get his hands dirty to make that target.

Judith Collins' very handy Secret Santa gift for Phil Twyford
Photo credit: The AM Show

She also revealed her gifts for The AM Show presenters - a whack-a-mole-style game for them, which Ms Collins said was appropriate because it was what they did to Mr Twyford when he appeared on the show.

Mr Twyford joked it was more akin to what "[Labour does] to National during question time in Parliament".

The "nice and lovely" AM Show crew also received two boxes of chocolate.