Shane Jones stands by appointment of Rodger Finlay

There’s already friction between the Green Party and New Zealand First over the Provincial Growth Fund, which has just announced its first wave of funding.

Regional Development Minister Shane Jones announced on Friday that Rodger Finlay will chair the Independent Advisory Panel for the $3 billion fund.

This morning, he told Newshub Nation that some members of the coalition Government were not happy with the choice of a former NZ Oil & Gas chairman.

“Obviously at a time of great sensitivity, there is always as a lot of chatter about anyone who has been in the oil and the gas but I overlook those things,” he said.

“I’m appointing, with the support of the Prime Minister, a tremendous New Zealander.”

Mr Jones also said that the fact Mr Finlay had donated “several thousands of dollars” to his failed bid for the Labour leadership didn’t mean he was not the right person for the job.

“If you’ve been in receipt of financial assistance for your politics, you declare it,” he said.

“And just because it’s declared should not taint someone who’s got a tremendous amount to offer to Aotearoa.”

Newshub Nation has approached the Green Party for comment.

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