David Seymour talks marijuana, meat-shirts and misinterpreting

Act Party Leader David Seymour joined us in our Facebook Live Studio last Friday and answered questions ranging from serious queries about policy to whether he'd trade his brains for better looks.

When asked about cannabis law reform, the MP for Epsom was supportive of change and pointed to recent moves towards legalisation in Canada and the United States.

"If they have less crime, fewer people in prison… if legitimate business have an incentive not to sell to minors, we should follow suit and legalise."

Mr Seymour added that he voted for the failed Medical Marijuana reform bill introduced by the Green Party but: "It was a pity that Chloe Swarbrick didn't work harder on getting the votes."

When asked about his controversial 'Got Meat' shirt,  which depicted a naked woman with the head of a bull, Mr Seymour said the shirt was being "misinterpreted."

He said because the Auckland University Meat Club, which was behind the shirt, 'idolises' meat they wouldn't consider it an insult to compare women to it.

The ACT Leader said he described himself as a "feminist" but said that feminism has "picked up some other strains that not everyone wants to sign up to".

He said he understood how someone could find the shirt offensive if they took it "out of context" but that he wasn't going to shy away from controversy.

"I'm not going to cower in fear because some people are going to wildly misinterpret the whole situation and try and beat me up with it."

"I don't think we can go through our lives trying to avoid doing anything that people might find remotely offensive, at some point you have to live."

Watch the video for the highlights.

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