The White House's revolving door keeps spinning

The White House's revolving door keeps spinning
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While US President Donald Trump has been busy 'Making America Great' again, he certainly hasn't forgotten his reality TV catchphrase - "You're fired."

A little over a year into the current administration the turnover is almost 35 percent, more than double any other administration since 1981, when the National Journal started keeping track.

One staff member who does seem safe from the firing line is Kiwi businessman Chris Liddell. The 59-year-old has been working with Mr Trump since his inauguration and was recently promoted to deputy chief of staff.

As for the rest, here's a full rundown of departures, both forced and voluntary. This list is accurate as of Easter Friday, but may be out of date by the time you scroll to the bottom.

The President did fire someone as this list was being written.

In chronological order:

Sally Yates

Role: Acting Attorney General

Fired: January 30 2017

Reason: Openly disagreed with Mr Trump's travel ban.

Michael Flynn

Role: National Security Advisor

Fired: Febuary 13 2017

Reason: Admitted to lying about conversation with Russian officials

Katie Walsh

Role: Deputy Chief of staff

Resigned: March 30 2017

Reason: Left to work for a pro-Trump lobby

K T Mcfarland

Deputy National Security Adviser

Resigned: January 30 2017

Reason: Mr Trump's Russia scandal

The White House's revolving door keeps spinning
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James Comey

Role: Director of the FBI

Fired: May 9 2017

Reason: Donald Trump said he fired Comey over "this Russia thing"

Mike Dubke

Role: Communications Director

Resigned: May 30 2017

Reason: 'Personal'.

Mark Corallo

Role:Legal Spokesperson

Resigned: July 20 2017

Reason: Allegedly worried that Mr Trump was obstructing justice.

Sean Spicer 

Role: Press Secretary and Communications Director

Resigned: July 21 2017

Reason: Openly disagreed with the hiring of Anthony Scaramucci.

Michael Short

Role: Press Aide

Resigned: July 25 2017

Reason: Alleged leaks.

Derek Harvey

National Security Council Member

Fired: July 27 2017

Reason: Removed by National Security Adviser Mcmaster.

Reince Priebus

Role: Chief of Staff

Fired: July 28 2018

Reason: Reportedly the sacrificial lamb after Republican health bill failure.

The White House's revolving door keeps spinning
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Anthony 'The Mooch' Scaramucci 

Role: Communications Director

Fired: July 31 2017

Reason: Gave an expletive filled interview in which he was extremely critical of the White House, didn't seem to understand what 'on the record' meant. Clocking in at just six days on the job, he was the shortest serving member of the Trump White House.

Ezra Cohen-Watnick

Role: Senior Director National Security Council

Fired: Aug 2 2017

Reason: H. R Mcmaster fired him, allegedly for being closely tied to Michael Flynn.

Rich Higgins

Role: Director of Strategic Planning on the National Security Council

Fired: August 11 2017

Reason: Fired over controversial memo supporting 'deep state' conspiracy theories.

George Sifakis

Role: Office of Public Liaison

Resigned: August 18 2017

Reason: Alleged interdepartmental conflict.

U.S. President Donald Trump talks to senior staff Steve Bannon during a swearing in ceremony for senior staff at the White House in Washington, DC January 22, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria - RTSWUU0
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Steve Bannon

Role: Chief Strategist

Fired: August 18 2017

Reason: While the official line is that Mr Bannon left of his own volition, Mr Trump and  Mr Bannon had a very public falling out over Bannon calling Trump's behaviour 'treasonous'.

Carl Icahan

Role: Special Adviser

Resigned: August 18 2017

Reason: "Interdepartmental bickering".

Sebastian Gorka

Role: Deputy Assistant to President Trump

Fired: August 25 2017

Reason: Fired by the Chief of Staff, unclear exactly why.

Keith Schiller

Role: Deputy Assistant to the President

Resigned: September 20 2017

Reason: Alleged pay dispute.

Tom Price

Role: Secretary at Department of Health and Human services

Resigned: September 29 2017

Reason: Left after it was revealed he used taxpayer money for personal travel.

Jamie Johnson

Role: Faith-based Director at Department of Homeland Security

Resigned: November 17 2017

Reason: Leaked audio of him saying that African-Americans were lazy, promiscuous and drug addicted.

Dina Powell

Role: Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategy

Resigned: December 8 2017

Reason: Reportedly only wanted to stay at the White House for a year.

The White House's revolving door keeps spinning
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Omarosa Manigault Newman

Role: Communications Director

Fired: December 13 2017

Reason: Alleged conflict with President Trump, was reportedly escorted from the White House by security.

Rick Dearborn

Role: Deputy Chief of Staff

Resigned: December 21 2017

Reason: Returned to private sector.

Jeremy Katz

Role: Economic Adviser

Resigned: December 22 2017

Reason: Reportedly only wanted to work at the White House a year.

Carl Higbie

Role: Chief of External Affairs

Resigned: January 19 2018

Reason: Grossly offensive comments made during his time as a radio host were revealed.

Taylor Weyeneth

Role: Deputy Chief of Staff at Office National Drug Policy

Resigned: January 24 2018

Reason: Was allegedly ousted over being 24 years old with almost no experience.

Andrew Mcabe

Role: Deputy Director of the FBI

Resigned: January 29 2018

Reason: Was close to retirement anyway but also publically clashed with Mr Trump.

Rob Porter

Role: Staff secretary

Resigned: February 17 2018

Reason: Accused of domestic abuse.

Josh Raffel

Role: Deputy Communications Director

Resigned: February 27

Reason: Returned to private sector.

The White House's revolving door keeps spinning
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Hope Hicks

Role: Communications Director

Resigned: February 28

Reason: Unclear, but resigned soon after acknowledging a relationship with Rob Porter and admitting to telling lies.

Gary Cohn

Role: Director of the National Economic Council

Resigned: March 6 2018

Reason: Allegedly quit because of Trump's decision to impose tariffs on steel.

John Mcentee

Role: Personal Assistant

Fired: March 13 2018

Reason: Failed his security clearance.

Rex Tillerson 

Role: Secretary of State

Fired: March 13 2018

Reason: Fired via Twitter by the President over numerous differences, replaced by Mike Pompeo.

Steve Goldstein

Role: Under-Secretary of State

Fired: March 13 2018

Reason: Contradicted the White House's position on Rex Tillerson's firing.

David Schulkin

Role: Veteran Affairs Secretary

Fired: 29 March 2018

Reason: Alleged misuse of official funds.

Shortest tenure: Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramoochi, fired after six days on the job. Shortest tenure in that role in White House history.

Riskiest position: Communications Director. Trump has had five in the first year, as many as Obama had in his entire tenure.  

Average length of time served (Assuming January 20th 2017 as the start date): 264 days

Our pick for next to go: Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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