Green MP Golriz Ghahraman harassed by racist Twitter trolls

  • 07/04/2018

Golriz Ghahraman has opened up about her battle against online trolls, saying at one point the racism and threats were so intense Interpol had to get involved.

The Green MP is the first refugee to be sworn into New Zealand's Parliament, fleeing from Iran with her parents when she was nine.

"My childhood was marred by war and repression and my parents weren't willing to raise a little girl in those conditions so they escaped," Ms Ghahraman said in 2017.

"That place was Iran, which had been gripped by Revolution and taken over by a repressive regime that targeted minorities."

Joining Newshub Nation for an 'ask me anything' segment this week, she said Twitter has changed in recent years.

"Twitter used to be such a nice, leftie, liberal political bubble," she said.

"Now it's Trump-land. I get the misogyny, I get the 'you're young, too young', then I get the 'immigrants shouldn't even be allowed into politics'.

"Then I get the real race stuff, when it's like 'you're a terrorist, we need to load our shotguns'.

"That stuff goes up to parliamentary security. It has to. At one point it was getting taken up to Interpol because it was getting a bit… yeah."

Last December Twitter launched new rules against hate speech which prohibit users from threatening or promoting violence against others "on the basis of their group characteristics".

Users are also not allowed to post violent threats or statements that wish "serious physical harm" on others, or to affiliate themselves with organisations that promote violence.