Meet The AM Show's Chorus Upgrade winner

  • 27/07/2018

As part of The AM Show's tour across the country, we challenged our audience to tell us how their community would benefit from the Chorus Upgrade - a $10,000 boost to make their community better.

We've heard from everyday Kiwis doing some pretty amazing things, but one of them stood out.

Wendy Reynolds teaches the elderly in Marlborough how to use mobile phones and tablets - some of whom are in their 90s and have never touched one before.

"One of my clients was terminally ill and in and out of the hospice," she told us.

"I was taking my iPad and my smartphone to visit his place every week using my personal hotspot so he could video his daughter from his bed she lived in another city.

"The last video call reduced me to tears as they both told each other that they loved each other and said goodbye - what we did not know was that would be last time they would talk. He died suddenly two hours later."

She's going to use the prize money to buy new devices, pay for a training room and better Wi-Fi.

Watch the video for the full interview with Wendy Reynolds.