The AM Show carpool

  • 06/07/2018
The AM Show carpool
Photo credit: The AM Show


We are introducing a fun new interactive segment to The AM Show...and seeing as our audience is pretty switched on (that's you!), we'd like to propose an exchange of goods and services!

We get it. Mornings are hectic; coffee is being poured, slurped and possibly spilled as you tune in and shake your head (or fist) at the TV while Duncan, Amanda and Mark discuss the morning's new, hot topics. How do you think the government is performing? Where do you stand on today's poll question? This is your chance to share your views on air!

It's a battle to get out the door, let alone battle the traffic, so let us make it easier for you!

Sign up to be one of our carpool passengers, and we'll pick you up in our sleek, fully electric Hyundai IONIQ. Powered by Meridian Energy, we'll get you to work on time and in style, while checking in with The AM Show's Duncan, Amanda and Mark along the way!

Fill in the form and tell us why you would make a good addition to The AM Show Carpool.

You can even carpool with a friend, co-worker, neighbour or partner. Just add your preferred pal's name in the form and have them enter as well, so we can match you up!

We'll do the driving, you do the talking.

Apply now!