Some Kiwibank branches likely to close - Kiwibank CEO

Some Kiwibank branches could be closing as banking becomes more digitised, according to new CEO Steve Jurkovich.  

"I think we'll always have a really strong footprint. Whether or not that's the same number of footprints and the same size, I think realistically we'll have to keep looking into that," he tells Newshub Nation.

He says the massive growth of internet banking is to blame.

"Banking globally, there are just less people coming in. The growth of digital transactions is exponential.

"There's nearly 300 spots you can interact with Kiwibank - a lot of them between franchise and New Zealand Post."

But Mr Jurkovich doesn't know yet how many branches will remain open.

"It's a week in, so the number [of branches in future] is probably less."

When Kiwibank was aiming to close four branches in Dunedin, a petition to keep them open received more than 4000 signatures.

Mr Jurkovich says he is prepared for pushback and thinks it stems from people holding Kiwibank to "a higher standard".

"I think that talks to what people feel about Kiwibank, which is they own it. And that's one of the big attractions about joining. Does that mean that they hold us to a higher standard about where they want us in the community? Yeah, probably.

"They do own us. You know, we are New Zealand's footprint in the banking industry in a lot of ways, so we need to make sure that communities aren't left behind."

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