Why the UN applauded Jacinda Ardern's speech at the UN

  • 28/09/2018

Jacinda Ardern's speech at the UN had little in common with Donald Trump's, except in one respect.

"Delegates and world leaders are told not to respond to speeches… not to clap, applaud or boo or show any kind of emotion really," Newshub political editor Tova O'Brien told The AM Show on Friday.

"We've seen that flouted quite distinctly when Donald Trump gave his speech earlier this week, but it was flouted again during the Prime Minister's speech, when she talked about women's equality. She was talking about the #MeToo movement, and said "MeToo needs to become #WeToo, and the General Assembly floor erupted into applause."

World leaders and delegates lined up to meet Ms Ardern afterwards, but will they take on her message of equality and kindness?

Watch the video for the full chat with Tova O'Brien.