Extended interview: Dr Paul Ralph

The Green Party is calling for tighter regulations on the lucrative gaming industry as mental health experts warn the line between video gaming and gambling is blurring.

"As a parent, I'm worried that it's a gateway to gambling for children, and as a legislator, I think our rules and laws need to keep up with changing technology," says Gareth Hughes, Green Party spokesperson for Digital Media.

"The Gambling Act was written in 2003 [and] that was pre the massive online game phenomenon we've seen. One hundred and twenty five million people are playing Fortnite around the world right now."

Critics argue that in-game purchases such as 'loot boxes' where players can spend real money on a random virtual reward is just gambling by another name.

Newshub Nation spoke with Dr Paul Ralph, the Director Of Auckland University's GameLab, about Lootboxes, 'predatory' game design and what makes gaming a unique medium.

See the full extended interview above and see Newshub Nation's full investigation into the convergence of gaming and gambling here.

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