Film review: Venom & Commando

  • 05/10/2018

Newshub verticals editor Daniel Rutledge joined The AM Show to review new release movie Venom, which he calls "a mess of film".

"It's easy to see it had a development stretched over many, many years with different people coming and going from it, so it ends up a hodgepodge of different choices," says Rutledge.

Based on the Spider-Man villain, Venom follows an investigative reporter who becomes infected by an alien and must use the superpowers it gives him to survive against an evil corporation intent on killing him.

"Venom the character looks really scary and bites people's heads off, so it's too scary for kids. But it never shows any blood - so it's no good for adults, either," say Rutledge.

"It's entirely CGI-created action that all looks really fake too... it's just not fun.

"The bar for modern comic book movies has been set very high by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Venom falls well below that."

However, he says the film is "bonkers, and very committed to being bonkers", so is a little interesting.

Meanwhile, Rutledge praised 1985 film Commando as being a bona fide classic and one of the greatest films of all time.

Watch the video for the full interview.


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