Kiwi toddler Ka'iulani Forbes takes cancer fight overseas

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For the past two years, three-year-old Ka'iulani Forbes has endured countless procedures, surgeries and treatments to rid her body of cancer.

The Forbes family have literally tried everything, from chemotherapy and immunotherapy in New Zealand to radiation in Australia, but still the results showed no improvements for their little girl.

Determined to seek further treatment for Ka'iulani, her parents Manihera and Moana pushed to get her on to a medical trial in Barcelona, and in August they were successful.

Ka'iulani Forbes.
Ka'iulani Forbes. Photo credit: The Hui

For the first month, heavily pregnant Moana and Ka'iulani navigated the treatment together while Manihera stayed back in New Zealand to work.

Ka'iulani's little body is riddled with cancer. She has tumours in her legs, hip, scapula, face and skull.

Manihera says at first the news of no change would be disappointing, but now they've learnt no change can be positive.

Ka'iulani is in Barcelona for six months to complete six rounds of the humanised immunotherapy treatment. As they had hoped for, after two rounds of this treatment, there was good news for Ka'iulani and her whanau - her tumours have reduced.

"It's hugely reassuring to get the news that the treatment is working, that the disease is reducing - but with cancer you can't relax until it's all gone," said Manihera. "We're still fighting until we get that news from the doctors there's no evidence of cancer in her body."

Ka'iulani has another two more rounds of treatment remaining.

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