'She understands us' - Muslim leader on Jacinda Ardern

A Muslim community leader has praised Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's response to last week's devastating terror attack in Christchurch.

Speaking to Newshub Nation, Aliya Danzeisen from the Waikato Muslim Association called the Prime Minister "inspirational".

"I feel like she understands us, and she understands what we need... It's her comments and understanding how she really has connected with us. She's talking to the world about how you should be treating your Muslim population."

Danzeisen also praised the Government's decisive action on gun control, as it moves to ban all military-style semi-automatic rifles and assault rifles.

"Our goal is to look at our legislation and make sure that we have adequate legislation in all areas - not just gun control but in all areas to protect all communities. And not just the Muslim community, but to protect all communities to ensure that they're safe."

But Danzeisen says changing gun laws alone isn't enough to keep the Muslim community safe.

"If people are inciting language that's going to hurt or inspire others to do hateful murdering of people, then you need to actually legislate and regulate it so other people can have their freedom of life, freedom of religion and freedom of living quality lives."

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