Debate: David Seymour clashes with anti-euthanasia advocate

The controversial End of Life Choice Billis continuing its passage through the house following the Select Committee reporting back with only minor amendments.

While the committee report stated they were unable to agree the bill be passed in its current form, they will "leave it to the full membership of the House to resolve the broader policy matters".

The bill will now progress to its second reading on May 22, 2019, after receiving a record number of 40,000 public submissions.

Despite an overwhelming majority of these submission being negative, a Reid Research poll last year found approximately 70 percent of respondents are in favour of some form of euthanasia or assisted dying.

Act Party Leader David Seymour and Care Alliance Secretary Peter Thirkell joined Newshub Nation this morning to debate New Zealander's right to choose the way they die.

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