Strong woman refuses to let cancer win

Breast cancer is Aotearoa's number one cancer for women. More than 3000 women are diagnosed every year - nine women every single day.

Despite being diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago, 39-year-old Leehane Stowers has continued to smash her fitness goals.

The dedicated cross-fitter competed one month after her mastectomy, and two years on tried her hand at strongwoman events.

After going through treatment, the event co-ordinator was given the all-clear and organised reconstructive surgery last year. The day before her operation though, Leehane was given some devastating news - her cancer had returned, this time in her liver, and it was terminal.

Like last time, Leehane took this in her stride and carried on living her life. With the help of a nutritionist and her doctors, Leehane is on hormonal treatment, eating a ketogenic diet, taking multiple supplements and has introduced intravenous vitamin C.

The fitness fanatic trained even harder too. Leehane qualified for the U65kg Strong Woman event at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Festival in Australia - a remarkable achievement for anybody, let alone a terminal patient.

In March, Leehane went to Melbourne to compete against the strongest women in Australia.

"The competitors were on another level, but being at the event was an incredible experience."

It's clear despite her terminal diagnosis, Leehane is choosing to live her life to the fullest.

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