Extended cut: The harrowing human cost of M bovis

Mycoplasma bovis - it's the biggest biosecurity response our country has seen in decades and we're spending millions of taxpayer dollars trying to get rid of it.

So a year into the efforts to eradicate it, how are we tracking?

A Newshub Nation investigation has uncovered multiple serious issues.  

We've found the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) made mistakes when deciding which animals to kill, there have been long delays in tracing high-risk animals, and there are growing concerns about the wellbeing of affected farmers.  

As the Government pushes for eradication, animals are being rounded up for slaughter - more than 90,000 culled so far.

The disease can cause various illnesses in cattle including arthritis, mastitis and pneumonia, and until recently New Zealand was one of only two nations in the world without it.

MPI has $886 million to eradicate the disease - but what about the human cost? 

Reporter Michael Morrah has the story.

Watch the video for a special extended cut of the investigation.

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