Disabled man claims he was told he is 'unemployable' by employment agency

Workbridge is the country's largest employment agency for Kiwis living with disabilities.

Funded by the taxpayer, it has found jobs for almost 40,000 disabled people in the last decade. But some clients have concerns about the service.  

Fifty eight year-old Maurice Toon lives with cerebral palsy and says he was told by Workbridge that he is "unemployable", despite two degrees in design and drafting and years of experience in digital rendering.

He's one of nearly 250,000 disabled people of working age without a job in New Zealand.  

It's one of many bleak statistics facing disabled New Zealanders, who earn on average half the wage of the non-disabled, with young disabled people four times less likely to be employed.

Maurice says in 12 months with Workbridge he was passed between five different caseworkers and received only one job offer, which he says was unsuitable.

Many people spoken to for this story also report a humiliating frustration they face from agencies like Workbridge and Work and Income.

They say they have to repeatedly fill in forms to prove again and again they have the disability they have had since birth.

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