Fighting for her children: Mum of six determined to get kids back from Oranga Tamariki

In 2014, Jane - a mother of six - discovered her children were taken by the state.

Over the last three years she’s worked hard to turn her life around. Jane has the support of Whānau Ora and Māori social services, but it's not enough to convince Oranga Tamariki that she is fit to raise her children. 

The number of children in state care is at a record high of 6400 this year, an increase of 700 since 2017.  

There are currently three inquiries running into Oranga Tamariki following the uplift of a newborn baby last month at Hawkes Bay hospital.

Just this week Whānau Ora, the Māori wraparound service provider, has announced it too will look into the practices of Oranga Tamariki. 

While we wait for those organisations to report back on their inquiries, waiting also are many mums and dads who say they’ve made changes in their lives and are ready to have their children returned to their care.

Jane says Oranga Tamariki might have written her off, but she’s not giving up on her kids - and she’s determined to keep fighting for their return.

This is her story.

The Hui

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