Newshub Nation Full show: June 1, 2019

Mental health was the jewel in the crown of this week's wellbeing budget. But will it curb our escalating problem? We ask Mental Health Foundation’s Shaun Robinson and Te Rau Ora CEO Dr Maria Baker what difference the money will make.

Then we put their questions to Health Minister David Clark, as well as our own: what's the evidence behind his big plans?

Finance Minister Grant Robertson joins us to discuss whether his wellbeing budget was really transformational - and whether its surprise leak overshadowed it altogether.

And John Michael-Swannix looks at the everyday changes you’ll need to make in your household to adapt to a changing climate.

Then we are joined by our panel, Tracy Watkins, editor of the Sunday Star-Times, Bernard Hickey, Managing Editor of Newsroom Pro, and Phil O'Reilly CEO of Iron Duke Partners.

Newshub Nation.

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