The Pitch: Judith Collins isn't finished with Phil Twyford but ready to spar with Megan Woods

The Pitch is Newshub Nation's new series where we ask a member of the Opposition to sell us their ideas for five hot minutes.

Megan Woods may only be 48 hours into her new role as Housing Minister following this week's Cabinet reshuffle, but her opponent in National is ready for their inevitable clashes. 

"Oh, I think it’ll be delightful."

Speaking to Newshub Nation, National's Housing spokesperson Judith Collins outlined what she thinks separates her and Dr Woods.

"I just treat everyone the same. I think Megan Woods does have a tendency to get a bit angry, and that’s always a delight for me."

While Phil Twyford may be wanting to lay low after having his housing portfolio split into three parts during the reshuffle, Collins has other ideas. 

"I'm sure Phil and I will want to work together."

Collins says voters should be pleased by Twyford's job change. 

"Well, I hope it’s a win for the public of New Zealand, actually. He’s not the first minister who's been shifted to greener pastures."

As expected, Collins didn't mince her words when it came to KiwiBuild, promising to scrap the policy if National returns to power. 

"The KiwiBuild policy was never going to work, and anyone who knew anything about the industry would understand that.

"Oh, no. We’re not going to do KiwiBuild. KiwiBuild's a dog. The whole policy's bizarre."

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