NerdsPLUS Podcast: Talking Marvel phase four with Jordan Tini

Marvel dropped the mic at Comic Con this year, announcing a staggering lineup of upcoming projects in their cinematic universe. Mahershala Ali is taking the mantle of Blade?! Natalie Portman is the Mighty Thor?! And Fantastic Four is ba...well. We'll see how that goes. History hasn't exactly been kind. 
To celebrate, this week on NerdsPLUS New Zealand's preeminent Marvel fan-boy Mr Jordan Tini joins the podcast to talk everything Phase Four. 

Also on the agenda: Persona 5, Metro Exodus, Slay the Spire and some niche anime no-one has heard of about superheroes at university. Ludicrous concept, it'll never take off.

NerdsPLUS is a weekly podcast coming to you from the Newshub newsroom, where three friends bring you all the video games, anime, comics and petty arguments about fictional characters you wish were on the 6pm bulletin.

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