The challenges Māori face getting cancer treatment

Last year, 41-year-old mother-of-three Wiki Mulholland was diagonosed with advanced breast cancer.

Since then Wiki and her husband Malcolm have not only been battling cancer, they've also been fighting Pharmac for access to the vital drugs that could significantly pro-long Wiki's life.

After months of lobbying, marching and petitioning, the Māori Affairs Select Committee has announced an inquiry into health inequities Māori cancer sufferers face accessing the treatment they need. 

But Malcolm says there is much more that could be and should be done to help Māori with cancer. He has also called for an inquiry into Pharmac, the agency responsible for acquiring drugs for New Zealanders.  

He spoke to The Hui's Mihingarangi Forbes about the challenges Māori experience accessing prevention, treatment and palliative care.

Watch the video.