POLi, the tool that lets you pay online without a credit card

  • 17/07/2019

POLi a popular online payment tool, that allows you to pay online, without using a credit card.

But should we be using it? We asked our tech correspondent Paul Spain.

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POLi also provided the following statement in regards to the safety of the system:

Recent comments aired on The AM Show regarding hypothetical risks associated with the online payment system POLi are irrelevant and overstated, according to Merco the payment company which is the Master Distributor of POLi in New Zealand. The Poli Payment system is owned by Australian Post. 

POLi offers millions of New Zealanders and Australians a convenient, free and totally secure way of paying for goods and services online. Around 90,000 transactions take place each week using POLi, which offers customers the unique ability to make an online payment from their bank account without using a credit card.

If there was even a hint of a security risk with POLi, then the leading registered banks and companies such as Air New Zealand, The Warehouse, Xero and Bunnings would, no doubt, cease accepting the POLi service immediately. 

Instead, there have been more than 14 million POLi transactions since 2008. POLi is unaware of a single security breach or disputed transaction. 

POLi customers provide their bank account username and login to POLi for an amount to be deducted and paid to a merchant. But the details are not kept or even cached by POLi’s secure system so there is no ability for the information to be misused.

The POLi system also does not process or receive payments. POLi operates simply as a go-between to facilitate a payment from a customer to a merchant. This means merchants can provide low-cost, efficient and convenient online services to their customers. To date, New Zealand banks have not been able to provide these services to the same extent. 

Merco is an active member of PaymentsNZ, the governing body of New Zealand payments, and POLi is ISO27001 certified, an international security certification. 

More than 1,250,000 New Zealanders trust POLi and use the service frequently. Many do not have a credit card or prefer not to use a credit card for online payments. POLi provides a convenient, safe and secure payment system.