New drug law will 'formalise how we treat addicts'

  • 08/08/2019

Police will have stronger powers of search and seizure to crack down on synthetic drug dealers under legislation passed yesterday in Parliament.

The Bill gives police discretion to take a health-centred approach, rather than prosecuting those in possession of class-A drugs.

Lawyer Marie Dyhrberg says the BIll will essentially "formalise how we treat addicts" already.

Dyhrbery says a lot of low-level drug dealers are just selling drugs to "feed their addiction" and are not the real problem.

"A lot of police officers see it as a health problem," she told the AM Show on Thursday.

Dyhrberg joined religious historian Peter Lineham to discuss that issue as well yesterday's change in the OCR rate.

Watch the video to see the interview with Peter Lineham and Marie Dyhrberg.



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