Rei's plan to take over the Kiwi music charts

Rising hip-hop artist Rei has just launched his latest album with hit single 'Good Mood'. 

The 24-year-old kicked Ariana Grande off the top spot on the US Spotify viral chart over summer with that song, and is hoping his new album The Bridge will also hit the right notes with the public.

"I've never worked as hard on any kind of project as this, especially when it comes to the mixing and engineering side of things, just making sure every sound is perfect. Making sure every lyric is perfect, the vocals sit right and everything like that."

Rei's passion for music started as a teenager, making beats in his bedroom before heading to Victoria University. The talented rapper said it was part of his plan to prepare himself for a career in the music industry. 

After graduating, Rei moved to Auckland and started working with Kog studio and industry giant Chris Chetland. 

"The whole kaupapa at Kog Studios is to empower the artists, to teach the artist as much as possible about every aspect of the industry. I've definitely learned a whole lot and really grateful to have that kind of mentor."

Rei. Photo credit: The Hui

The engineer is singing Rei's praises as well.

"He really exemplifies the new future of New Zealand, Aotearoa musicians. He's bilingual and naturally bridges and moves between those worlds."

In total, Rei has produced three albums, five EPs and several singles, and is determined to be around for a long time.

"I'm in this music thing for the long haul, I don't want to be a flash in the pan, I'm going to keep writing music, this is my thing."

The Hui


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