Young artist Leon Fenemor awarded for generosity to victims of Nelson fires

  • 07/08/2019

Back in February, 11-year-old Nelson boy Leon Fenemor made headlines for a depiction of helicopters fighting bushfires. 

Veteran helicopter pilot Alan Beck, who helped fight the blaze in Tasman, was so blown away by Leon's painting that he offered to buy it.

Although Leon wasn't ready to part with his masterpiece, he agreed to paint Beck a new picture for his helicopter safety campaign, Down to the Wire. 

The campaign raises awareness about the dangers of wires and power lines and asks farmers to reduce the height of power lines on their property. 

Leon raised $2400 selling his artwork and donated all the proceeds to the victims of the Nelson fires. Last night, Leon was awarded for his generosity.

Watch the video to see the interview with Leon Fenemor and Alan Beck.



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