Fight against online terror comes to Wellington

A Google-hosted training event in Wellington in December will involve 150 people, and cover what to expect next time a recording of a terrorist event makes its way online.

The exercise will go over the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism's new Crisis Incident Protocol.

Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google are part of the forum, which will undergo some big changes on Tuesday. Members will be releasing the algorithms sites use to remove terrorist and extremist content from their sites, as well as restructuring the forum's leadership.

The protocol will work essentially like a civil defence plan - with a set of expectations around how governments and companies will engage following an attack. It sets out who should be contacting who and how they'll make decisions with the aim of significantly increasing the speed at which they can respond to events like the Christchurch terror attack.

The Christchurch attack, where 51 members of the Muslim community were killed, was live-streamed on Facebook, shocking the world.

New Zealand National Cyber Policy Office director Paul Ash told Newshub Nation the exercise is going to be looking at a range of incidents.

"We'll be looking at scenarios that perhaps don't quite meet the threshold for activating the protocol, a scenario that will look very much like Christchurch and one that may look at where this kind of problem will go next. Where would people look to exploit the internet and social media platforms in similar sorts of instances?"

Ash said the group needs to look at what the worst case would be, although he wouldn't give any details of what they're predicting for fear it would give people ideas.

"We have to prepare for worst-case scenarios and ensure that we've tested what those might look like and had a crack at making sure we have the responses in place should they happen and that we're looking to reduce the risk of that happening in the first place with the other efforts we're carrying out."


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