'Bad Boys of Brexit' confirm contract with NZ First, promise 'Winston on steroids'

They call themselves the bad boys of Brexit - muck-raking strategist Andy Wigmore and British millionaire Arron Banks - who bankrolled the Brexit campaign.

Earlier this month Winston Peters denied a suggestion the pair were sending a team of political strategists to New Zealand to bring "'mischief, mayhem and guerilla warfare", calling the claims "rubbish".

"Not only have I not hired such a crew but it is impossible to see how they would even gain entry into the country," he said in a statement.

Today the duo confirmed to Newshub Nation they are working with NZ First - but there were no operatives heading to our shores. 

"There is a contract between us, which is no doubt with the Electoral Commission... and will be released in due course," Banks said.

When asked again about his involvement with the Brexiteers on Newshub Nation this morning, the Deputy Prime Minister said: "We're working with people all over the world… because trends in politics and movements are critically important and my country is a small population in the south Pacific and we need to know far more about what is happening in the world."

As to what we New Zealanders can expect from the divisive pair's style of politics, they've promised "Winston on steroids". 

"We will ensure that voters have a choice. They will see what Winston Peters and his party stands for. They won't have to rely on mainstream media to get their information. 

"They can rely on the platform that we create for him, which will allow voters to look directly at what he's got to say."

Banks and Wigmore said the global pandemic is highlighting issues most central to Peters and NZ First, but they're eager to show the public a new side to the long-serving politician. 

"COVID-19 has pushed the NZ First agenda to the front, because with less international travel it's more about the local economy. Buying New Zealand, making New Zealand, for New Zealanders. 

"The thing we would love to do is get across what Winston is like off-camera more than on because he's such a nice bloke, he's such a happy warrior."