'Of course they weren't adequate': Winston Peters on Treaty settlements

Winston Peters is the undisputed kingmaker of New Zealand politics but could it be checkmate for NZ First leader? 

Current polling has the party between 1 and 2 percent and with no electorate stronghold it could be haere rā for Aotearoa's most influential politician. During an interview with Newshub's The Hui, Peters said he's unfazed by the numbers.

"I don't concern myself about the polls. I've campaigned further and harder than any other leader."

During an at-times fiery exchange with The Hui presenter Mihingarangi Forbes, Peters said appeared vexed at being questioned about his stance on the long-running land dispute at Ihumātao.

"I'm very frustrated to come on your show when there are so many critical issues, employment, health - in a COVID-19 world," he said.

Peters said any settlement with the land protectors would destabalise the treaty settlement process but admitted that full and final settlements which average just 3 percent of an iwi's loss had not been sufficient.

Winston Peters.
Winston Peters. Photo credit: Newshub.

"I'm not saying the settlements were adequate, I'm not saying any of those things at all - Of course they weren't adequate in that context."

Peters has claimed the New Zealand First scuppered a potential settlement with land occupiers which Labour's Māori MPs were eager to achieve.

But during his interview, Peters attempted to cast doubt on whether Labour's Māori MPs did in fact want to resolve the south Auckland land dispute.

"You might hear that when they talk to you, but I know better when I talked to them privately," he said.

Watch Peters' full interview with The Hui above.