The Northland rescue group saving hundreds of abandoned, neglected animals

A small animal rescue group in Northland is saving hundreds of abandoned and neglected animals every year.

The Bay of Islands Animal Rescue is run by volunteers with no Government support - but the need for its services is soaring.

Summer Johnson is the founder of the group - a volunteer organisation that has re-homed more than 3000 animals.

Johnson says the rescue receives no Government funding and relies on donations to survive.

"I really enjoy working with our community. We've got such a humble, generous community - genuine people."

However, Johnson says the rescue sees a number of shocking animal abuse cases.

"Emaciated dogs chained up like nearly dying and taking their last breath as you get there, little puppies found in sacks - dogs hit by cars and just left," she explains.

Johnson believes there's not enough focus on animal welfare in this country.

"The people that should be out there protecting our animals, that have the power to protect them aren't, so it makes the rescue's job a whole lot harder," Johnson told The Hui.

She isn’t paid for her work and the rescue’s monthly vet bill runs into the thousands. But despite the financial and emotional stress, she knows she’s making a difference.

"A lot of them can have gone through such horrific, horrific lives, yet they just trust that next person is going to do right by them - and I just love the innocence of them," she says.

The Hui