Government must still act on cannabis reform, referendum supporters say

Aotearoa has gone to the polls and it's an 'āe' to the right to die and a 'kao' to getting high.

But while the preliminary results of the Euthanasia referendum show a decisive win for the End of Life Choice Act with 65 percent support - when it comes to cannabis, only 53 percent of New Zealanders voted against the referendum, showing Aotearoa is split down the middle over cannabis reform.

To discuss the results of both referendums, The Hui spoke to AUT associate law Professor Khylee Quince who said 'āe marika!' to the cannabis referendum, community advocate and former police Insp Hurimoana Dennis who didn't support the cannabis referendum but does support euthanasia, and the New Zealand Māori Council's Matthew Tukaki who said 'kahore' to both.

Watch the video.