The Big Picture: Fertility

  • 23/11/2020

The latest statistics show New Zealand fertility rates have dropped to the lowest level on record.

Fertility rates are at 1.63 - the average number of children per woman. This is the lowest level ever on record according to Statistics New Zealand.

The reason for not having children is not always choice.

Infertility affects one in four New Zealanders. IVF is one process many hoping to conceive go through.

Twelve months is the average length of time Kiwis who are eligible for publicly funded IVF are often forced to wait - and at a cost of at least $10,000.

However, going through the process does not guarantee success. 

Time is of the essence with IVF treatment and the chance of success dramatically drops with age.

A 50 percent success rate at the age of 33 drops to just 1 percent  by the age of 45.

What can be done to increase fertility and what choices are there for those that are struggling to conceive?

Fertility Specialist and Group Medical Director from Fertility Associates Dr Mary Birdsall spoke to The AM Show.

Watch the video.