Tauranga by-election: Fifth of voters would consider supporting an anti-mandate party

An exclusive Newshub Nation-Reid Research poll reveals more than a fifth of Tauranga voters would consider supporting an anti-mandate party.

The anti-mandate protests at Parliament are on the ballot in the upcoming Tauranga by-election, with several candidates who supported the movement vying for a seat. Now a number of those in the race are considering combining for 2023.

Candidates like Sue Grey, a lawyer, leader in the anti-vaxx movement and a prominent figure at the Parliament protests. Now running in Tauranga for what she calls freedom and against restrictions for COVID-19.

“We’re all about giving people’s rights back to them,” Grey tells a member of the public on the campaign trail. 

Another tells her masks are the biggest issue in the by-election. “I don’t even know why the Government’s pushing masks to be honest,” Grey responds. 

But Grey is just one of several candidates running in Tauranga with similar views. Joining Grey on the ballot are New Nation Party candidate and former city councilor Andrew Hollis and the One Party's Allan Cawood.

Each has a range of values and policies - but they're united by COVID-19. 

Watch the video.

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