Opinion: This week Wayne Brown forgot the golden rule of politics, your mic is always on

OPINION: The golden rule of politics - is that the mic is always on.

It's a rule that was seemingly forgotten by experienced political operator Wayne Brown this week as he called a journalist a prick - and then outlined how he'll put pictures of that journalist in the urinals at council - for everyone to pee on.

What's interesting - is that Brown was openly filming with Newshub at the time he made the remarks. 

The microphone was indeed on and Brown was talking on camera to a reporter as they gathered shots for the news story running that evening.

It's less of a hot mic situation - than an open mic one.

It's clear from the footage that Brown was joking, which is part of the reason Newshub Nation decided to run it, so that the tenor and tone of Brown's remarks wouldn't be lost.

And some will enjoy his humour.

But it's also clear that Brown is serious about his dislike of the journalist following critical coverage of his candidacy.

And that might cause some to wonder about his judgment and his ability to take criticism or work calmly with people across the political spectrum, people he doesn’t like or councilors who oppose him - questions that are already hanging over Wayne Brown because of his track record and it will raise questions for some about his suitability for the role of Auckland mayor.

Asked about the moment on Newshub Nation this morning, Brown said he didn't mean for the comments to become public, he will talk to people he doesn't get on with, can work with his critics and has developed a mutual respect for Wilson.

And ultimately voters will decide how they feel about the comments, as they make an important decision about who will represent them in a role where credibility, collaboration, conduct and character count. 

Rebecca Wright is the co-host of Newshub Nation.